When Words Aren’t Enough

I joined Facebook about a year or so after I had graduated from college. At that time it had just opened up to the public and was continuing to grow at a blistering pace. I was excited to join this new form of social media because it would allow me to keep up with current… Continue Reading

The One Celebrating America

In 1776 a group of New World colonies decided that they had had enough. Since their founding the American states had been subject to the British Empire but they had decided that they were through. Through taking orders. Through being taken advantage of. Through being treated as if they were less than human. They wanted… Continue Reading

An Open Letter to the American Church

Church family: This last year has been a long one. I’ll admit that election years are never easy for the church but it seems like, in many ways, this has been one of the hardest that I can remember in recent history. Many of us, myself included, found neither candidate particularly appealing and some of… Continue Reading

The First One

At this time 4 years ago I was just beginning my seventh month with Adventures In Missions on the World Race. I was in Malaysia celebrating what God had already done on the first part of the Race and eagerly anticipating what he would do on the second part. Part of my journey during this… Continue Reading